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Other Guild News

2nd Ranked Aliance Guild on DMAW

Sprolin, Oct 16, 12 12:03 PM.
Doing great so far guys keep it up, 2nd on the server for aliance 6th overall soon to be moving up, we are 5/6 in the Vaults and looking to be 6/6 shortly keep it up!

8/8 in Dragonsoul! 1st Alliance Guild; Tied For 1st Server!

Feeline, Dec 2, 11 5:29 PM.
Well, we've done it. We killed Deathwing before any other Alliance guild, and only one other Horde guild beat us to the punch. The night before we left Deathwing at 35%, had we killed him that night.. we'd not only be tied for 1st server like we are now, but we'd have gotten the server first achievement. We'll have to settle for top Alliance guild and 8/8 tie for 1st place on the server. We cannot say enough good things about the 10m this content patch. We've gelled like never before. Our guild master Sprol did an incredible research and explained the fights with confidence, as if he had downed them a dozen times already. It's his ability to research, explain, and call things out with ease before Deadly Boss Mods even had abilities / warnings up that led us to victory. Congratulations to all of <Revenge>, and we're tackling Heroic Modes next week to continue to stay at the top. Here we are:

See you next week for Heroics!

5/8 First Night; 4th Server; 763 World

Feeline, Nov 30, 11 9:50 AM.
<Revenge> Came out swinging last night. On the first night of the new content tier we went 5/8, breezing by nearly our entire server, and most of the world. We almost finished off the night going 6/8, but we'll clean that up tonight. Here's an image of our accomplishment: 


Keep up the hard work, and congratulations to everyone who got new gear!

Revenge Gets It's 10m Achivement / Heroic Mounts!

Feeline, Nov 29, 11 12:37 AM.
Just on the heels of Dragonsoul, we finished up this tier going 6/7 heroic and got our mounts. Congratulations on an excellent job through Firelands <Revenge>. We're getting ready for Dragonsoul released this week!


Check out our forums and APPLY if you're interested, and click here for more IMAGES!.

Sprol Gets Legendary Staff

Feeline, Nov 18, 11 8:15 PM.
The long hard road has come to an end! Congratulations to Revenge for going 6/7 heroic and getting Sprol his Legendary Staff!
For more images, check here for more Pictures!
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